Nude Church - First, a note from Felicity of FKK: The countdown begins just 14 days until Bare Year's Eve! It'

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To appease your unbridled expectation of this naked occasion, I will be featuring guest sites over the next few days from our Nude Year's Eve sponsors! In their own words they will talk about what they do naked (a variety of stuff) and how they're involved with NYE 2012.

To begin, here is a personal and thoughtful post from Isis Phoenix Sensuous Shaman.

Naked Church

"I have been peru

my self I want to get bare and see what it feels

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So off came my shorts and

Panties! I sat there nude for a min. or two then

stood up. I will never forget that moment. What I felt

I can only describe as the most wonderful sense of

Independence I have ever felt in my entire life! I felt so

fee and alive! It was just wonderful to be bare

outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt great... hence

Comfy I subsequently ran

Natural Beauty - Naturist Women vs Mother Nature

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Guest Site By: Anon

Many people are blogging these days, and so I determined to join the trend and offer you my ideas on a matter that's dear to me: naturist women. (I sign it as Anonymous since I don't want to lose any of my naturist girls pals!)

Dear Naturist Girls:

I wish you had leave nature alone.

Mother Nature is such an amazing artist! Each human body is in equilibrium in terms

Lekpa is a phallic divinity whose worship is very prevalent throughout the Slave Coast of Africa. The phallus

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seen everywhere, in front of houses, in the streets and public places, sometimes alone, but more often in

Link with the image of Legba who's constantly represented as squatting down and looking at the organ of

generation, which is enormously disproportionate [Find Alfred B. Ellis, Ewe-Speaking Peoples of the Slaves Shore

of West Africa (London, 1966). pp. 41-421].

26. It is considered

In The Fkk World Communicating Is Demanding! Notably with Vita Nuda Northeast (VNNE)!

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Post by Jordan Blum

Conveying with Vita Nuda North East in the Naturist World Is Not Simple!

Fkk World - Doing something great for others and the purposes behind these voluntary actions is a topic that has come up. It is a issue that I think, at the very least, merits a discussion. People generally are egoistic creatures, which is why the debate continues as to whether or not there is such a

Phoenix Feeley Goes Topless in NJ

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Did you know that it's legal in 12 states for girls to go top-free in public? First off, this can be a modest number, and second, many cities can and do override this with their own laws. (Having only watched the movie Iron Jawed Angels, I feel like a suffragette counting the states that have given women the right to vote. Haha Not the same, I know.)

Girls acquiring the equivalent right to go t

Gender Identity and Transgender People

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Comprehension Gender Identity

Gender Identity - At last, the "T" in LGBT is gaining visibility. You may have discovered that transgender issues have been more prominently featured in the news recently, most notably with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). This bill is currently being voted on and would outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender id

The Popularity of Naturism In Canada & Intro of a Brand New Young Naturist Group

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Naturism inCanada and NewCanadian Young Nudists Naturists Group:

Ask anyone who is not from around here what they think of when they hear "Canada," and the first reply will probably be "Cold." It is just the stereotype that our state's picked up, and with good reason.

It may surprise you, then, to learn that being unclothed is a pretty common thing up here. Not in public,

photographers as Wilhelm Von Gloeden and Guglielmo Pluschow in order to

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protect characterizations of the bare male youth from being understood as the obscene

-- police interpreted the images as pornographic, thus focusing the court

Proceeding and both the media and academic discussions on whether or not

'naked pictures of kids typical of family albums' are pornographic

(Bowles et al., 1998: 5--6). In similar cases throughout America, individuals


Mothers and Daughters Free From Body Dilemmas

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Mothers, Daughters and Body Dilemmas:

Nirvana. Absolute Paradise. Those were the only words when thinking back on my day at Rock Lodge that were acceptable to describe my experience and all in a brief visit to this magical safety.

"Packaging light?" my husband joked with me as I place my sarong, towel and hat in my canvas beach tote. Conspicuously missing a swimsuit, I grinned. I'd

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